12th November 2015 / Double Pendulum Clock with Wandering Moon & Planisphere (Read More)

This has seen the culmination of several weeks planning and making, the Sidereal Conversion train is now fully in place. I have shaped and finished all 7 of the cocks, jewels and endstones have been fitted and set to height and I have shaped the lower plate to reflect the profiles of the two larger Sidereal Conversion wheels, even the screws have been given a preliminary polish and bluing.

I have re-arranged the layout and size of the cocks so the Sidereal Conversion train is now more visible and I think more pleasing to view.

Next I will be fitting the eight movement support pillars and the weight line posts to the back plate then mounting both large plates to a test board fitted to the wall. The pins need to be made and fitted to the escape wheel and the pallets made and we will be ready for a test run.


Sidereal Conversion 1 & 2; photo 1 shows setting the depth of two of the Sidereal Conversion wheels in the depthing tool. Photo 2 has four of the cocks fitted in place and shaped, the initial pencil outline for the final shape of the lower plate can be seen .

Sidereal Conversion 3; The Sidereal Conversion train is fitted, three plates are in place with the Lapis Planisphere disc, the open space around the center arbor will home to the Wandering Moon mechanism.

Sidereal Conversion 4; The train as see from above.

Sidereal Conversion 5-7; these 3 photos show differing details of the Sidereal Conversion train.

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