12th October 2016 Miniature Carriage Clock 19mm x 29mm

I am almost there as these photos show.

I now have the platform fully made and almost finished, there is still polishing and cleaning to be done and the balance bridge to receive its final shape and finish. The platform is 19mm wide x 17.65mm deep

The escapement itself has been quite a challenge in particular the escape wheel but it is now in place, the platform plate has a spotted finish (perlage in French) while the escape wheel and pallet cocks are matted in the English manner.

The screws are made from high carbon steel, hardened and polished.

All the train including the barrel and winding work has been made and fitted, the remaining task is to cut the contrate wheel and fit it to the 4th wheel pinion, I have put this job off till last as it is quite difficult and I needed to know beforehand the exact position of the escape wheel pinion.

Re the dial;

I have attached 2 photos of a new watch line I have just finished, this watch, The Presidio, has a .925 silver engine turned dial and DW blued steel hands. I can make a rectangular dial with a suitable chapter ring and engine turned to suit your mini CC. I think an engine turned dial on the mini CC would be a superb addition and make this Mini CC much more notable and much more attractive than a cut down old dial. Breguet would have liked this mini especially with a silver turned dial.

FYI, I have 1 more of the Presidio watches available should you or anyone you know be interested. This is the last of 5 prototype watches to establish the design and test the market, which has proven successful.

Description of photo’s;

Mini CC 1; the platform fitted to the movement.

Mini CC 2; the excess at the rear has been cut off the platform, the platform screwed in place and the balance fitted, at this point the screws have been hardened but not yet polished.

Mini CC 3; Front view, Escape wheel, pallets & balance in place and the screws have been flat black polished.

Mini CC 4; Side view of the platform,

Mini Screws 1; The steel is first roughly shaped s in this photo then carefully turned to final size with square corners, the short smaller diameter on the end is to permit the screw to start into the threaded hole.

Mini Screws 2; The 1,40mm thread has been cut.

Mini Screws 3; The screws are cut off the stock, the head filed flat and slots cut.

Mini Screws 4; After the slot is cut the screws are placed on a rose cutter to flatten the underside of the screw head.

Mini Screws 5; The flattened portion under the screw heads.

Mini Screws 6; The screw head is then turned flat.

Mini Screws 7; Each screw is heated red hot and quenched in oil.

Mini Screws 8; The screws after hardening.

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