18th August 2015 / Double Pendulum Clock with Wandering Moon & Night Sky Planisphere (Read More)


Equation wheel 1; The wheel is fitted to the shaft, the pinion has been partially finished, the footed steel tube is fitted to the equation wheel cock and becomes both the hour wheel post and the equation pinion upper pivot.

Equation wheel 2; Marking out the quadrants and the fixing dogs which are turned from steel then filed away creating their characteristic shape.

Equation wheel 3; The quadrant wheels in place and meshing with the pinion.

Equation wheel 4; Piercing the equation wheel after all components have been fitted.

Equation wheel 5; Equation wheel components finished, cleaned and ready for assembly.

Equation wheel 6; The assembled equation wheel.

Equation wheel 7; The mechanism fitted to the plate. The 24 hour wheel, equation date change detent, equation year wheel and the year click are all fitted in place. The rough cam is resting on its collar ready to be profiled. The lower end of the plates with its scalloped edges have also been brought to shape, the escape wheel is pivoted at this position.

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