19th October 2015 / Double Pendulum Clock with Wandering Moon & Night Sky Planisphere (Read More)

Another milestone achieved, the Mean/Solar movement is now completely made, all wheels, pinions, arbors, springs, cams and screws, etc have been made and fitted.
A lot is done but not many photo’s to show as I was too involved in the making.

Bobs; I have made the pair of bobs and sent them off for polishing.

Sunset spring; this is the final spring to be made for the
Sunrise/sunset mechanism, as I have shown it here it is screwed in place with the locating pins holes still to be drilled, the spring hardened & tempered and the polished head pins fitted.

First Hands; I have made the Sunrise hand, the Equation hand, and the date hand with the square box, I have also made and fitted the bezel for the main dial.

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