1st February 2016 / Double Pendulum Clock with Wandering Moon & Planisphere (Read More)

I have the Wandering moon finished and fitted, I drove to LA on Friday to personally pick up the finished sunburst and the moon.
The Sunburst is 22K gold and the moon disc is .925 Platinum, the moon disc is slightly convex, the Sunburst is made in two levels to give greater depth to the sun.
I aim to make a short video of the moon in motion.

I have attached 6 photos of the moon in its different phases.

A client friend saw it last night and was thoroughly amazed at its looks and function, he described it as the best moon indication he has ever seen and the best and most realistic sun he has ever seen.


This particular mechanism permits the Sun wheel to rotate the Sun hand once per Civil month while the Lunar display moves at a different rate. One full rotation is approximately 29 1/2 days.

The moon display indicates;
No moon
New moon
The phases of the moon
Full moon
Waxing and waning of the moon
The angle of the moon to the Sun
Age of the moon.

No. 1 No Moon; The moon is covered and is directly behind the sun.

No. 2 New Moon; As indicated here the moon is a crescent and several days old.

No. 3 1st quarter; Half the moon is visible, the moon is now at 90 degrees to the sun.
No. 4 Full moon waxing; The moon is still waxing, as shown here it is not quite full moon.

No. 5 Full moon waning; The moon is now waning as it is now just after full moon, the moon has now moved more than 180 degrees to the sun.

No. 6 3rd quarter; The moon has now traveled 270 degrees from it’s “no moon” position and is now in it’s 3rd quarter crescent .

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