The Platinum Watch

The platinum barrel plate now has a red gold ring set into the platinum and frames the ratchet wheel.

2nd June 2017 Making The Platinum Watch (Read More)

The next Platinum Watch is now in the making process. This group shows creating the platinum discs which will become the movement plates. Descriptions; Platinum1; The .925 platinum shot weighted and ready to be smelted. Platinum 2; Heat is applied to the shot to melt in a crucial. Platinum 3; The ingot after pouring and […]

2nd July 2017 Making The Platinum Watch (Read More)

For a change of pace from the hot work of casting the platinum here is a short video showing how the snailing effect is created on the steel winding wheels. Descriptions, Snailing 1; The steel ratchet wheel finished in a very unusual and rare triple band snailing effect. Snailing 2; The three winding wheels […]