20th December 2015 / Double Pendulum Clock with Wandering Moon & Planisphere (Read More)

It works !

The clock attained it’s first “Tic” today, 20th December, at 2.35pm.

I have attached a link where you can see it working.


There are a lot of photos today some taken just prior to the movement support plates being fitted to the case a few weeks ago. I have included photos of making the pallets, cutting the sapphire and making the adjusting cage for
each pallet set.
I was at Davids today to give him the pattern for the position of the weights as they pass throughout
the lower shelf, he now has the thermometer fitted to the case. The thermometer is delicately inset into the backboard and is lined with ebony.

I have the sapphire cut ready to fit the 2nd pair of pallets and I expect to have them cut and polished tomorrow, then I will be able to have both movements running on test.


Support Plates 1-4; Photo 1 has the plates together with the temporary set screws in place. Photo2 shows the back plate of each movement fitted to the posts and the suspensions fitted in place. Photos 3 & 4 show the completed support plates from different angles and ready to fitted to the test board.

Pallet blanks; the lower pallets have been roughed out, the upper pallet arms will be cut from the steel bar in front, the pallets are dedicated left and right.

Slotting for jewel; after shaping, the slot for the sapphire is cut in each pallet.

Milling the upper pallet; the upper pallet is stepped so the pallet faces are aligned and the upper arm must clear the pins on the escape wheel.

4 Pallets shaped; the 4 pallet arms have been cut to size and shape and the slots cut for the sapphires, in the foreground is the blue sapphire half boule which will be sliced up for the pallet stones.

Left pallets; the upper and lower arms are screwed together ready to have to stones fitted.

Adjusting cages 1-5; this is the various stages of making the the adjusting cages, this part is crucial to the operation of this type of Pin Wheel escapement and is used to set the pallet arms to the optimal depth.

Pallet parts; all the parts associated with the pallets, quite a complex assortment.

Pallet assembly 1-3; different views of the pallets are fitted to the lower suspension block.

Slicing the sapphire; using a guide the sapphire half boule has a 2.1mm slice cut off using a diamond saw.

2nd Cut of the sapphire; the half circle is now cut into a 2.1mm square rod.

Case 1; a full view of the case with the thermometer inlaid into the back of the case.

Thermometer; Detail of the thermometer scale with ebony trim. The scale will eventually be slivered prior to the thermometer tube being fitted.

The case will going for polishing this week.

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