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Good progress these last few days.
I have now made the pillars for both movements, fitted the barrel cocks, finished and fitted both barrels including the steel endpieces, the maintaining detents and cut the wheels and pinions.
Both movts. are shown assembled with pillars and their respective barrels fitted. I like to have the barrels completed early as they require so much work and have many components to each of them, it is a nice feeling of achievement to have the barrels finished ready and waiting to the rest of the train.


Barrel opening 1; the back plate must be cut to accept the barrel drum passing through the plate.

Barrel opening 2; the back plate after cutting and the cutout piece.

Barrel cock; line reaming the rear pivot hole in the cock.

Barrel front pivot; turning the front pivot to size and length.

Maintaining device; showing the maintaining spring nested in a recess in the great wheel, the maintaining ratchet wheel is to the right. Both slip over the barrel arbor, the small hole above the center mates with the steel post on the spring.

Complete barrel; the barrel fully assembled.

Milling square; the winding square is milled in the dividing head

Pillars; all of the 40 pillars are shown in the manner in which they are assembled, the long pillars on the lower line are mounted on the adjustable back support plate, the movements will latch onto these pillars.

Both Movts. ; the movements from the rear with the barrels, cocks and steel endpieces fitted.

Both Movts. side view; showing the barrels fitted and the maintaining detents fitted above the barrels, some of the cocks for the equation work can be seen between the plates on the right hand movt.

Pinion 1; aligning the cutter with a center whose tip has been ground to the same width as a tooth on the cutter.

Pinion 2; cutting the first gash.

Pinion 3; several of the cut teeth can be seen through the oil flow.

Pinion 5; a few of the cut pinions, 6 leaves, 12 leaves and 15 leaf pinions are shown.

Cut wheels; some of these wheels on the right were shown in a previous email, the new wheels are from the left, the month or intermediate wheels, center wheels, third wheels, minute and hour wheels for the Sidereal train. Lower center is the two escape wheels, drilled and crossed out, ready and waiting for the pins to be fitted.
The lower placed small wheels are for the Sidereal conversion train, all are uncommon (in horology) prime numbers.

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