25th July 2015 / Double Pendulum Clock with Wandering Moon & Night Sky (Read More)

This group shows the making of the escape wheels, making a pin wheel escapement is much more time consuming that a English style Deadbeat escapement. All the work is done on a Leitz jig borer for accuracy and stability. Descriptions; Escape wheel 1; the center hole is bored using a 5mm slot mill which provides a precise hole. Escape wheel 2; the 30 x 1.4mm holes are drilled using the rotary table. Escape wheel 3; the two escape wheels in profile after drilling the 60 holes. Escape wheel 4; turning the wheel to diameter, the steel clamps are to dampen vibration during the turning process. Escape wheel 5; marking the wheel prior to crossing out. Escape wheel 6; piercing the final crossing to the wheel. Escape wheel 7; both escape wheels finished and surfaced but not yet polished and the assorted files used to complete the work.

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