2nd June 2017 Making The Platinum Watch (Read More)

The next Platinum Watch is now in the making process.
This group shows creating the platinum discs which will become the movement plates.


Platinum1; The .925 platinum shot weighted and ready to be smelted.

Platinum 2; Heat is applied to the shot to melt in a crucial.

Platinum 3; The ingot after pouring and cooling.

Platinum 4; The ingot is hammered to a rough rectangle shape on an anvil.

Platinum ingot 2; The ingot is put through the rolling mill many times to bring it to the desired thickness. Note the clean rollers, any dirt on the rollers will score the metal.

Platinum ingot 3; Once the thickness is correct a circle is scribed and the disc cut out, this is disc is now the top plate of the movement.

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