31st January 2016 / Double Pendulum Clock with Wandering Moon & Planisphere (Read More)

This group is the making of the Mean/Solar minute hand in steel. The hand will be the Breguet moon hand style, the material used is 0.80mm thick high carbon steel.
The hand is 48mm long and the center boss is 9mm diameter.


Making hand 1; After scribing a center line the hour and minute hands are marked onto the steel.

Making hand 2; the steel is clamped onto the drill table and holes drilled for the holding collet and the opening in the tip of the hand.

Making hand 3; one half of the hand is now filed to shape.

Making Hand 4; with both hands drilled and the 1st half of the minute hand shaped the hands are sheared off the parent steel.

Making hand 5; the minute hand is now cut off the parent steel stock ready for the other the second half of the hand to be shaped.

Making hand 6; the hand has been brought to the desired profile.

Making hand 7; one half of the shank is now filed half round.

Making hand 8; the other half of the hand shank has now been filed half round.

Making hand 9; the finished minute hand is shown now fitted to the movement has been polished and blued, the gold hand is the Equation Of Time minute hand, the position of the gold hand relative to the blue steel hand indicates how far ahead or behind the sun is to Mean time.

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