3rd November 2015 / Double Pendulum Clock with Wandering Moon & Planisphere (Read More)

I have completed much these last few weeks. The Planisphere train is now made and fitted to the lower front plate, the Lapis Lazuli disc has been cut, inlaid and fitted to its cup, along with a few clever ideas for the components working together which came to mind when I was making the various parts.
There are 12 parts, 12 screws, 1 steel spring, 4 jewels and a hollow steel post to support the Lapis Lazuli disc.


Cutting the Planisphere Change Wheel; This wheel has 40 ratchet shaped teeth.

Planisphere Date Pinion; The steel pinion has 8 leaves.

Planisphere Train; The complete train is set in place, the wheel meshing with the hour wheel moves the Date Change Wheel once per 24 Sidereal hours.

Night Sky; The Lapis Lazuli disc has been cut to dimension, the stone is carefully cut into 12 segments radiating from the center.
Each segment has the correct division for each month.
The inset lines are 22K gold, 0.60mm wide.
A temporary paper calendar dial placed around the Night Sky is a printout of the engraved brass dial which will be fitted at a later date.

Now the Lapis disc is made and fitted, I will begin making and fitting the gold stars to the stone, there will be 4 or 5 sizes of gold stars and pinpoints representing the varying magnitudes of the stars.

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