4th December 2015 / Double Pendulum Clock with Wandering Moon & Planisphere (Read More)

The last 2 weeks have been a bit of several things done, the main portion was fitting the large brass movement support plates to the case.

The case is only a few weeks away from completion, then it is away for polishing, once the brass plates were installed to the backboard the ebony inlays lines can be cut into the backboard. The photos show the case with the brass support plates and both movements in place and details of the plinth and the upper moldings.
You will notice the upper and lower convex and concave moldings have been veneered in Flame mahogany so the pattern is continuous, this is no easy task to veneer curved shapes.

The brass support plates are now mounted to my test wall awaiting completion of the escapements and the initial start up.

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