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Depthing, Jeweling & Motion work

Well, here we are at weeks end once again.
It has been a week with a lot to show, the Mean/Solar movement main train and its motion work are now depthed in, the wheel work is crossed out, pivots finished to size, jewels fitted to the plates and jeweled endpieces made and fitted.

The Mean/Solar movement is now complete up the the escape wheel, the next step will be making the equation mechanism with its associated levers, springs and cam, the wheels are all cut and waiting for their turn to be fitted to the equation plate.


Trains 1; This is where the week began, with the arbors and pinions made and the collets and wheels fitted to the arbors for both movements.

Depthing Month wheel – Center wheel; Showing the Month or Intermediate wheel set to depth in the depthing tool with the matching 12 tooth Center wheel pinion.

Scribing the Month wheel line; The depthing tool is now used to mark the plate with the first line.

Depthing the 3rd wheel-escape wheel pinion; The 3rd wheel and escape wheel pinion being set to depth using the depthing tool.

Scribing intersecting lines; The Center wheel -3rd wheel has previously been marked and now the 3rd wheel – escape wheel pinion line is scribed on the front plate.

“X “Marks the spot; The intersecting lines are clearly seen, where the lines cross is where the pivot must be located.

Alignment for reaming the jewel hole; The movement plates are clamped to the table, a pointer is fitted to the chuck and when set it is tested for accuracy by just touching the brass with pointer leaving a small mark on the “X”.

Reaming the jewel hole; The first step is drilling a center hole, a center drill is used for this, the clearance hole is drilled, the final act is to ream the hole to the correct size using a “D” reamer.

Pressing in the jewel; After reaming the hole the jewel is pressed in with a hardened steel, flat pusher with a polished face.

Jewels; A group of synthetic, clear sapphire jewels with oil cups for the pivots, the solid jewels are for the endpieces.

Mean/Solar train in place; The complete train has been fitted to the movement after the wheels have been crossed out, the jewels and endstones fitted and the endshakes set to height.

Mean/Solar motion work in place; The front equation plate is fitted to the pillars, the train wheels are captured in their respective jewels and the motion work has been made and fitted to the equation plate.

Mean/Solar movement side view; A side view of the Mean/Solar movement showing the main train, motion work and the barrel cock at the rear.

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