Breguet Inspired 3 Wheel Clock


An eight day, weight driven skeleton clock, a feat very few horologists have successfully accomplished in History. In the early 19th century A.L. Breguet commissioned Samuel Roy to make Three Wheel clocks, three examples exist today.

A fourth unsigned Three Wheel clock has been attributed to S. Roy.
Dr. George Daniels CBE FBHI made two which were given Breguet numbers, the Musee’ International d’Horologie in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland made a series of 10 based on the clock in their collection. David Walter has now made the first of his Three Wheel clocks inspired by Breguet and similar to the design used by Dr. Daniels.


Height; 28 1/2in (724mm)
Length. 17in (432mm)
Depth. 10 1/2in (265mm)

The Horological Journal published an article on David’s Breguet Inspired Three Wheel Clock. View PDF , View PDF

The Three Wheel clock has always inspired me with its elegant simplicity, yet this apparent simplicity disguises a complicated clock with numerous complications.


  • This is an eight day, weight driven skeleton clock, this in itself is a feat very few horologists have successfully accomplished.
  • The time is read by the blue steel pointer atop the pillar at the 3 o’clock position
  • The day of the week is indicated by the position of the top of the weights
  • The annual calendar is read by a line suspended above the calendar disc
  • The blue steel pointer suspended by the line is a plumb bob for setting the clock level
  • An 18K gold sunburst pointer atop the pillar at the 9 o’clock position indicates the Equation of Time. This sunburst rises and falls during the course of the year
  • A Harrison maintaining mechanism is fitted to the barrel/ great wheel assembly.
  • All pivot holes are jeweled including the barrel and pulley pivots
  • Two fine fusee chains are used to connect the weights to the barrel
  • The escapement is Pin wheel with “D” shaped pins
  • The temperature compensated half seconds pendulum is Fused Silica with a solid brass pendulum bob
  • An asymmetric crutch is used to provide the escapement impulse to the pendulum
  • The minutes can be read via the blue steel star above the great wheel
  • All brass parts are gold plated
  • The inner portion of the calendar depicts the flora and fauna of Australia
  • The clock is mounted on an ebony inlaid, mahogany base which has adjustable bun feet, there is a hidden drawer in the base to place the winding key.
  • The gold plated brass and glass cover for the Three Wheel clock is of my own design. The cover is placed over the clock to rest on the base and has a door at the front to give easy access for winding.


  • The inner calendar disc can be custom engraved to suit.

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