Double Pendulum Table Clock

Double Pendulum Table ClockDavid Walter’s Double Pendulum Table Clock is an emulation of the Janvier clock currently on display at the Patek Philippe Museum, Geneva and is the first time that the justly famous Janvier clock has been recreated.

The Double Pendulum Table Clock has two independent trains and escapements each with its own half second pendulum, the clock sits on a mahogany base edged with ebony and has a brass and glass cover with an opening front door. The blue steel hand and the gilt hour hand indicate local time from train and Pendulum 1, while the gilt minute hand is set to indicate time at your home meridian from train and Pendulum 2.

Double Pendulum Table Clock Features:

Two gridiron pendulums each with Janvier style bobs suspended above the movement on the brass arch

Two separate trains each has its own pivoted detent, constant force escapement

Each pendulum is impulsed below the bob, a platform fitted below the pendulum bob houses the jeweled pivoted detent and the impulse pallet

The escapement is a Berthoud pivoted detent type

Each pendulum is fitted with a fine regulating slide with two of the steel rods marked as vernier gauges.

The main center dial is fired enamel

The left and right dials indicate the seconds for each train

The pivots of both trains and the pivoted detents are  jeweled

The pivoted detent platforms, all of the bridges and cocks are matt finished in the English manner

The base has a drawer on the right hand side to hold the marked DW winding key and the special regulating bar.

Four leveling screws with locking nuts are to accurately level the clock

A  plumb bob is supported at the rear of the movement by a “Y” shaped steel frame

The movement is held in place to the pendulum support arch by steel latches

The four paterae at the upper corners of the arch are marked .925 solid silver and gold plated

All brass parts have been polished, grained or matted and gold plated

The enamel dial is signed;   D. Walter Homage a’ Janvier

The back plate is engraved D. Walter.  Santa Barbara

The “D” and the “W” on the left and right hand silvered seconds dials are the owners initials


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Height including the cover;    32 1/2 inches      825mm

Length;                                17 1/2 inches     445mm

Depth;                                 11       inches     280mm