Great Wheel Skeleton Clock

Great Wheel Skeleton ClockThe Great Wheel skeleton clock has its origins in the late 18th century. The design begins with an exceptionally large first gear to drive the rest of the gear train. With this arrangement, the first wheel needs to make fewer turns to power the movement for a longer period. David Walter’s Great Wheel Skeleton Clock will run with outstanding accuracy for an entire month on a single winding.

Part of this accuracy comes from his use of the fusee, a device that evens out the torque of the large mainspring through its entire 31-day power delivery cycle.The solid sterling silver dial of this Great Wheel clock adds to its distinctiveness. It displays a single large hand for the minute, and seperate sub-dials for the hours and seconds. There’s even a Mother of Pearl moon disk to display the current phase of the moon. Other details of this clock’s design are listed below.Beyond the impressive mechanics, the Great Wheel clock is an elegant and attractive timepiece that will instantly become an admired conversation piece in any home or office. A selection of wood and marble bases is offered to fit virtually any decor.


  • 300 teeth on the great wheel
  • Sapphire bearings on the escape wheel and pallet pivots
  • Half-second pendulum and 60-tooth escape wheel shows true seconds on the dial
  • Quarter-inch thick brass plates and other visible brass parts are gold plated
  • Custom-prepared steel chain on the fusee
  • Heat-treated “blued” steel hands and screws

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