12th October 2016 Miniature Carriage Clock 19mm x 29mm

I am almost there as these photos show. I now have the platform fully made and almost finished, there is still polishing and cleaning to be done and the balance bridge to receive its final shape and finish. The platform is 19mm wide x 17.65mm deep The escapement itself has been quite a challenge in […]

13th September 2016 Making a screw (Read More)

I have been asked to show the making of screw. A screw is such an everyday item yet how are they made especially when they are small? I hope this will throw a little light on the The Art of Screw Making. As used in horology screws must be hardened steel, soft steel is not […]

10th September 2016 The Platinum Watch (read more)

Today I put the “Snailing” on the winding wheels which are hard steel The photo’s show what the finished wheel looks like after and before Snailing. The last photo compares my final finishing and factory finished wheel.

28th August 2016 The Platinum Watch

Revolutionizing Time. Another first ! The flame blued steel balance bridge, the first ever. Today I have been able to make and fit the posts for the balance bridge and at last can fit the blue steel balance bridge to the watch. Description; Balance 1; is the first photo of the movement with all bridges […]

Presido watch

The first PRESIDIO watch is now completed with its silver engine turned dial with custom made DW signature hands and is fitted into its very own box. This watch has come to life so well I decided to use the name I coined a few years ago of “Presido” for this watch as it deserves […]

21st July 2016 The Platinum Watch

The Platinum Watch is now well on the way to being made, I was able to obtain two discs of .900 Platinum cut slightly larger than required. Good progress is being made. As I work using traditional methods and no CNC I have the plates screwed together to maintain alignment of the various pivot holes, […]