21st July 2016 The Platinum Watch

The Platinum Watch is now well on the way to being made, I was able to obtain two discs of .900 Platinum cut slightly larger than required. Good progress is being made.
As I work using traditional methods and no CNC I have the plates screwed together to maintain alignment of the various pivot holes, these holes will have jewels fitted later on.

Pt Weight; the 2 disc blanks on the scale.
Pt 2; the first holes drilled are for the plate screws.
Pt 3; the top plate now screwed down to the base plate.
Pt 4; drilling the pivot holes for the train, shown here is the lower barrel hole at 1mm diameter. Pt 5; both plates with the screw and train holes up to the escape wheel drilled. Pt 6; the base plate showing the recessed milled out for the various wheels.
Pt 7; the top plate now marked out with the shapes prior to being cut out of the disc blank.

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