14th June 2015 / Double Pendulum Clock with Wandering Moon & Night Sky (Read More)


The materials; the pile of metals needed, the Invar and fused silica is not shown here.

Cutting barrel blank; 2″ dia. brass bar is cut off on the band saw Brass soldered to shafts; the brass is drilled then soldered to the silver steel shafts.

Screw cutting; the screw cutting is left handed and 2mm pitch Barrel parts; the parts needed for barrels, not shown are the ratchet wheel & great wheel blanks.

Maintaining spring 1-5; stages in making this very important spring, the material is gauge plate or oil hardening steel, which is first hardened then tempered to blue making a reliable spring.

Screw cut profile; the final shape of the cut, I like to cables to nicely located in their grooves.

Barrel parts & cocks; the parts inc. clicks, shoulder screws, springs, cocks, screws of the barrels.

Barrel cocks 1-3; laying out, cutting up and milling the cocks, this 2 1/4″ x 1″ bar. In the final photo you will see that I mill a recess in each cock or bridge, this is to be sure the cock will sit flat and square against the plate with no rocking. As far as I know I am the only one to do this safety measure.

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