24th June 2015 / Double Pendulum Clock with Wandering Moon & Night Sky (Read More)


Complete Suspension; this is fully assembled and ready to be fitted to the back plate.

Suspension spring; one of the 2 suspension springs, for reference I have added a group of modern suspension springs.

Milling square for beat setting; this the center shaft used to set the beat.

Knurling beat setting nut; one of the six knurled nuts on the suspension Cross drilling square; the square shaft has a knurled nut with a matching square that fits over the shaft and is held in place with a tapered steel pin.

Pressing square; a hardened steel drift is pressed through the brass nut which has a clearance hole drilled.

Shaping shoulder; the lower chops of the suspension over which the pendulum hook is placed.

Suspension plates ready to be matted; the plates have been fitted, chamfered and polished.

After matting; the 3 plates are now matted this is rather difficult to take a clear photo of.

Threading Suspension frame; the supports are line bored then threaded.

Punching holes in the springs; A steel jig with a hardened steel punch is used to make uniform sized springs, a simple but very effective tool.

Suspension components; all the pieces laid out to see.

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