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Today’s subject is “Making a wheel”. This group of photo’s how it is done from start to finish.

Making a wheel 1-3; a center is first made with a center punch then the diameter is scribed, next the center hole is reamed, then the disc is cut out on a band saw.

Making a wheel 4; the roughed out blanks are mounted on arbors, the steel clamps are to dampen any vibration when the teeth are being cut.

Making a wheel 5; the cutter is set to depth bringing the tip of the first tooth to shape.

Making a wheel 6; Cutting tooth 115 of 120.

Making a wheel 7; now the crossing can be marked out, entry holes drilled for the saw blade and the waste material sawn away.

Making a wheel 8; The completed wheel with offcuts after piercing, filing and polishing.

Wheels & cutters; The 7 wheels with teeth cut and the 4 cutters used.

Cutting year wheel; cutting tooth 357 of 365 using a 60 degree cutter.

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