3rd July 2015 / Double Pendulum Clock with Wandering Moon & Night Sky (Read More)


Slotting Invar 1; Beginning the initial cut through 3/4 inch (19mm) thick Invar 36.

Slotting Invar 2; Completed cut.

Slotting Invar 3; Cutting the angled slot for the the lower suspension cross bar which supports the entire pendulum.

Invar parts; A portrait of all the Invar 36 parts necessary for the Double Pendulum clock, you will notice there are 4 Invar hooks and 4 Invar threaded shafts. One set of 2 parts is to be used for the clock now, the second set will become a spare set or pair of pendulum rods should any mishap ever happen to the Fused Silica rods.

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