1st July 2015 / Double Pendulum Clock with Wandering Moon & Night Sky (Read More)


Photo 1 & 2; this is the pendulum hook begin drilled out then bored to size to fit the Fused Silica.

Photo 3; Cutting the slot to fit the lower portion of the suspension spring

Photo 5; Sawing off the blanks which will become the regulating nuts.

Photo 6; Each blank has a step turned , then is reamed to fit on a arbor to cut the notches.

Photo 7; Both regulating nuts are held on an arbor and the 30 divisions are cut, at this point I have cut 27 of the 30 divisions.

Photo 8; The assortment of Invar fittings showing the lower threaded shaft, regulating and locking nuts, pointers and the Invar capping pieces which are fitted to the Fused Silica extension tube.

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